Facts about FIFA You May Not Know

The football hysteria has been globally now. It may be referred as an epidemic sport disease but this type of sports has gained fans more and more over the years. Many fans might have already known everything about how the world cup started and what were the stats of the competing teams in the last 2014 tournament. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about.

  1. Fabio Capello is the highest paid coach from Russia. His annual income is more than seven hundred times than an average person in Russia which is roughly estimated to $11,000,000.
  2. Lionel Messi – the player in “World Cup” that is expensive above all players. He is worth 139.6 million euros. After him is Cristiano Ronaldo that has a value of 104.2 million followed by Neumar with 67.4 million euros.
  3. Brazil is considered the most expensive team with 507.8 million euros “market value” and followed by Spaun with 504 million euros. Argentina bags the third most expensive team with 475.2 million euros.
    Brazil Panama WCup Soccer
  4. One of the Simpsons Episode has been dedicated to the 2014 World Cup. Nobody declines Homer’s famous lines like “hmmmmm donuts!”
  5. $35 million will be awarded to the FIFA world champion and $25 million for the runner ups.
  6. The most watched soccer match in American TV history was in 2014 with US vs. Portugal.
  7. The oldest player was Roger Milla from Camerron when he played in 1994 at the age of 42.
  8. maxresdefaultRobots were used to ensure the safety of spectators. The robots were named iRobot. Brazil used drones and US used robots.
  9. The most expensive World Cup was held last 2014 with an estimated net of $11 billion+ in 84 years history.
  10. Mexico holds the most defeat records in World Cup History having lost 22 matches.
  11. Brazil is the most successful team in “World Cup” History having 5 wins in the final and 2 other opportunities.
  12. The mostly viewed sporting event is garnered by the World Cup having one billion people watching every four years.
  13. ronaldo_futbol_brasilThe world cup was delayed in 1942 and 1946 because of WWII.
  14. Two world cup finals have been decided on penalties. It occurred when Brazil beat Italy in 1994 and Italy beat France in 2006.
  15. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay having only 13 countries to participate.
  16. Luis Nazario de Lima holds the record for most goals with a total of 15 goals.
  17. Hungary holds the record for having the most goals when they beat El Salvador in 1982 with 10-1.
  18. MVP was awarded to the German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn in 2002. He was the first goalkeeper to bag this award.
  19. India withdrew from the World Cup competition when they were not allowed to play barefoot in 1950.
  20. The Solomon Islands has the world’s highest Google search for the key word World Cup.

Americans were not too excited about the World Cup according to a global survey. They showed only 11% interest.

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