The Most Anticipated Event –World Cup’s History

Football was out of the list in the 1932 Summer Olympics due to its dull fame in the US. Many sports enthusiasts including FIFA and OIC has lost hope to the amateur players thus, the removal of football from the Games. After the decision made, shortly the FIFA president Mr. Jules Rimet had organized an inauguration for a World Cup Tournament. This was the birth of the first tournament for World Cup.


It was 1930 that time. Uruguay was a two-time official football world champion and was due to commemorate their centenary of independence. FIFA named Uruguay as the host country. The national associations of selected nations were summoned to send a team. The choice of Uruguay as a venue caused distress due to the long and costly trip across the Atlantic Ocean for the contestants from Europe. There was no proper agreement from European teams until two months. Rimet helped in persuading other teams from France, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Belgium to make the trup. The first World Cup was participated in total of 13 nations. Seven were from South America, four from Europe and two from North America. The first two matches were IMG_0989done simultaneously, each respectively were won by France and USA which beat Mexico by 4-1 and Belgium by 3-0. One of the firsts was achieved by Lucien Laurent from France in hitting the first goal in the World Cup history. The first title was bagged by Uruguay by defeating Argentina in a crowd of 93,000 people that witnessed in Montevideo. Four years later, the second World Cup was hosted by Italy. This was the first World Cup to include a qualifying stage. The sports event turned out to be a high-profile event used for politics. Benito Mussolini used the tournament to promote fascism. Fascism was a belief filled with anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism. Sixteen teams joined the tournament that has at least regained 3 nations from the first. Uruguay boycotted this tournament given that they are upset with the low European attendance. The first African team to join the World Cup was Egypt but they did not make it to the final round. Italy won the tournament contributing to another first for the event – first European team to win a football tournament.


The third World Cup held on 1938 had posed much strict rules. With South American boycotting, they were given automatic qualification. This is the first cup that the hosts did not win the competition. There were 15 nations that competed. The population was reduced due to important reasons that caused the Austrian national team to withdraw. Italy has bagged their second title to win the competition. The tournament had set another record for hitting four goals by Polish striker Ernest Willimowski. His record was not overridden until 1994.

Many World Cups followed and football gained fame and identity among sports enthusiast. The sports event was then held in different countries that practiced football. The latest edition was held in Brazil for the second time. The tournament was won by the Germans.

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